Triangle Innovation 2019– New Mud-Terrain Tire GripxMT TR281

Date Published:30/09/2019   

The GripxMT TR281 Mud Terrain tire is focused on the off road enthusiast and for those consumers who value an aggressive design to match their vehicles and personality.
It is developed with Superior toughness and traction to manage extreme off road with balanced on-road performance.

Wayne Foster, Triangle GM Global Marketing, said, “Mud Terrain is one of the most profitable tire segments globally with a market estimated to be 35 million tires every year worldwide.  The GripX MT has been developed to address this market.”
Designed with large shoulder grooves and stair step block face, GripxMT provides extreme off-road gripping and climbing capability for all kinds of off-road condition. With its strategically placed stone ejectors and high strength carcass design, GripxMT comes with high traction and effective prevention of damage. In terms of compound and component, GripxMT features functional polymers in combination with natural rubber, which brings increased tread durability and high carrying capability as well as excellent resistance to tearing punching.
The GripxMT is manufactured in 8 sizes for rims from 15 to 20 inches with widths between 225 and 265 mm and aspect ratios between 85 and 55 percent.


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