Triangle Brand “Goes Global” Summit was held in Weihai

Date Published:28/09/2015   

On Sep. 28th and 29th, Triangle Brand “Goes Global” Summit was held in Weihai, Shandong. The theme of this summit is “Bring Progress to the Society, Create Civilization for Human Being”. Zhao Xidian, Deputy Party Secretary of Weihai City, Zhang Guoqing, Executive Director of China Association of International Trade (CAIT), former Commissioner of Ministry of Commerce in Shanghai, and Deng Yali, Chairman of China Rubber Industry Association were all present in the opening ceremony of this summit.

This summit hold by global well-known Triangle Group attracted more than 400 people from more than 100 countries. They got together to communicate with each other on the topics of global brand building, brand cognitive, brand technological content etc. and to discuss the opportunities and challenges under the conditions of economic new normal in order that we could build consensus and seek common future.

Representatives from financing institution (BOCOM, CCB), experts and scholars from CAS, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, American Akron University etc. as well as representatives from international well-known enterprises like Caterpillar, Lanxess, Bekaert, VMI were present in the summit. More than 50 domestic and foreign Medias paid great attention to this summit.

During the summit, Triangle’s cooperative partners from North America, Australia, Russia, India, Iran, and Kazakhstan made speeches about brand building. Senior management of Triangle R&D, manufacturing and marketing also made speeches to introduce basic condition and development prospect of improving global brand during Triangle’s technological innovation and production mode transform.

Mr Ding Yuhua, chairman of Triangle Group, made a speech named “Build brand economy, Achieve global development”. He has expressed that Triangle always regards brand as core of its development. During the transition from Chinese local brand to global brand, Triangle has successfully realized product’s serialization, branding and marketable globalization by insisting on innovation as well as regarding improving technological element, safety performance, environmental protection performance and energy-saving performance as kernel

Triangle Group founded in 1976, now has become the leading enterprise of tyre industry. Triangle has completed product mix’s upgrade and update from diagonal tyre to radial tyre within 10 years(1992-2000). Meanwhile, it has realized serialization, which contains radial PCR tyre, radial TBR tyre, radial OTR tyre, radial Jumbo tyre and radial special tyre, totally 5 series, whose manufacturer's standard meet the technical standard, environmental protection and energy saving standards of developed country. So far, Triangle’s overseas market share reached 60% and has established long-term strategic cooperation with Goodyear, Caterpillar, Volvo, TEREX, LIEBHERR, GM, Daewoo, Doosan etc. In the replacement market, Triangle supplies for more than 170 countries and regions.

Now Triangle, as member of China national tire rim Standardization Technical Committee, initiator and president unit of China tire industry technology innovation strategic alliance, has built “National Engineering Laboratory for tire design and manufacturing technology”, which is the only one in Chinese tyre industry. In recent years, Triangle group has organized and participated in the formulation of national and industrial standards (totally 35 items). And it has participated in “United Nations World vehicle regulations coordination Forum” (UN/WP29) for five times and organized to formulate international “Test method for TKPH value of OTR tire”, which is the first one organized by Chinese tyre industry.

Deng Yali, Chairman of China Rubber Industry Association, has expressed in her speech that Triangle is not only the important  manufacturing base of China, but also the excellent representative of Chinese brand’s globalization. Over the years, Triangle has been constantly improving independent R&D ability, using new material, new technique and new process to produce safe, energy-saving, environmental friendly high performance tyre. Relying on technological innovation, lean production, outstanding quality and all-round service, Triangle deepens the cooperation with global partners to devote itself to brand globalization. Triangle’s market influence and social image are improving constantly with enhanced comprehensive strength.

Nowadays, brand has become the focus in competition. The one who has excellent brand can have customers, markets and future. Chinese tyre should build remarkable brand globalization by intelligent manufacturing, “internet+” and big data to improve competitive advantage, overall image of “made in china” and core competitiveness, which could promote rapid growth of industry economy and realize the leap of Chinese manufacturing.

We have learned that after years’ development, Chinese tyre industry has formed complete industrial system and now China has become the largest tyre producer and consumer in the world. However, there are some bad situations in domestic tyre industry, like over capacity, weak capability of independent innovation and brand influence. Chinese tyre must establish green, safe, high-end and personalized new brand image to improve global commercial value during its globalization.


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