Triangle Innovation 2019– New All Season Tire Seasonx TA01

Date Published:30/09/2019   

The  Seasonx  TA01 All Season tire is developed to simplify tire ownership in geographies where winter tire fitment is required by law and / or necessary.
Providing excellent performance in summer and winter conditions, the tire features a combination of state-of-the-art tread design, compounding and carcass design.
It is engineered and tested in Europe for the demanding conditions across all climates.

“All Season tire is fast becoming one of the key segments in Europe, representing in excess of 10% of the summer passenger market” said Wayne Foster, Triangle GM Global Marketing, “the Seasonx has been developed to cover a majority of sizes to help our channel partners to meet consumers’ needs”.
The SeasonX tire has been extensively tested and has been proven to deliver a vast improvement in wet handling and braking – which is widely regarded as the key metric for tire safety.  Our internal tests performed in Spain shows SeasonX performance in wet braking and dry braking is very competitive against the leading brand in this segment, delivering excellent performance with exceptional value.
Seasonx  features in a solid center part geometry and a directional V groovest, which provide excellent wet/dry handling and safe driving in wet and snow.  The advanced polymers and silica-silane materials with renewable raw materials brings excellent all round winter and summer performance.
Seasonx  is available in 14 sizes for 14 to 19-inch rims  in widths between 165 and 235 mm, with aspect ratios between 70 and 35 percent.


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